You are T.O. portraits of Toronto

The Neighbourhood (see MENU) is also a collection of Toronto views

Gerrard St. E. and Logan Ave.

High Park, Spring Rd.,
North Duck Pond

When choosing subject matter for this body of work, colour was of primary interest to me.

Working on-site or from photographs, these self-described portraits of Toronto, like a photo, hold a moment in time of city homes, businesses, and green spaces.

Most works include maps of the site of each painting, important to me in this context, completing the record of time and place.

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Available Works


Tacos 101 Dundas St., 12″ X 12″

IMG_4663Taylor Creek, 8″ X 8″ panel

Queen St Toronto wordpress

Lane Way #3

Behind the Mercury Espresso Bar

 20″ X 30″

Gorenflo, Suzanne M, Don Valley Brick Works Autumn, Acrylic, 10 inX 30 in, $500,FACEBOOK                                                              Brick Works in Autumn 10″ X 30″


Don Valley Brick Works Spring  Acrylic, 10″ X 30″

444Dundas Street East

Riverdale FarmTheSimpsonHouse
suzanne m gorenflohumber 4Along the Humber, 4.5″ X 7″

Park Snacks Cabbagetown

Spring at Riverdale FarmKorman Bldg                 Korman House, gouache on paper, 8″ X 8″


    Cai Yuan Supermarket, Broadview and Gerrard St. E.

18″ X 16″

Booth Avenue Riverdale, Toronto


Lane Way #2 Spring, Acrylic

20″ X 30″

39 Kensington Ave Toronto ON

Lane Way #1

Children's Garden 300dpi

                                                      Children’s Garden at the Brick Works

                       Past Select Works

High ParkOxfordStView fromSonyasParkette in 2015

The WilliamWhiteheadHouse

76 Howard St BioCherry Beach Toronto AutumnLeuty Lifeguard Station

High Park Spring Rd North Duck Pond
Acrylic 8″X16

North Lindens Bain Housing Co-op
8’X8′ acrylic

Suzanne M Gorenflo distillery 5X7 acrylic